Ninesprings News - 2014


Preston School Christmas Carol Concert
December 2014
Preston School's Christmas Carol Concert at
St. Johns Church on 9th December 2104.
Radio Ninespring's Technical Director, Adrian Dening,
recording the evening's events.


Word Play Workshop at Yeovil College
December 2014
Local poets perform live for Radio Ninesprings.
L to R:
 Bernie, Yarlington Resident, reading his poem "Missed Opportunities"
with Liv Torc from Take Art, who compared the programme.
Recording the Word Play Workshop.
L to R:
Adrian Dening, Radio Ninesprings Technical Director
with Will Roney from Yeovil College
The Word Play Workshop at Yeovil College was organised by Take Art.
It was the culmination of a 6-month project in which residents of 
Yarlington Housing were given training on how to write poetry.
At the end of course five students performed their poems for a
programme recorded by Radio Ninesprings.


Yeovil Literary Festival
November 2014
Our first recording assignment at the Yeovil Literary Festival with
  a training opportunity for students from Yeovil College.
L to R: 
Adrian Dening, Radio Ninesprings Technical Director
with Will Roney and Kelly Siford from Yeovil College
As part of the 2014 Yeovil Literary Festival, we recorded a talk by
James Crowden on his book 1914: From Chandeliers to Annie Laurie.
We also recorded the talk given by local historian, Jack Sweet,
about his book 1914: Yeovil in the Great War.
Yeovil College media student, Luke Cawley, helped record
questions from the audience.


Unless otherwise stated, all photos copyright: Steve Haigh